Dear Families,

My name is Rachel Jacques. I am the new Interim Headteacher at St Anne's in Crumpsall. I am also Head teacher at Bowker Vale Primary School in Crumpsall and will be supporting both schools, splitting my time between the two.


I know the situation last term has been a real challenge for many families, in particular when you have had to juggle work commitments with managing child care, home learning, if you have a child with additional needs or if you are a single parent. Please be assured that lots of planning has gone into preparing for a safe return for your children and we are all delighted that on Thursday this week, our school gates will reopen to everyone. 


Our Protective Measures to ensure a safe and risk assessed return;


  • Classes will return in class groups of 30, they will form a ‘bubble’. They will learn, play and eat in this bubble and the adults they see will remain in their bubble with them.


    • Entrance 8.45-9.00 There is a 15 minute time slot for children to arrive in school in the morning please ensure social distancing at all times.  Please note one adult per family to drop off and pick up.  KS2 parents please drop your child off at the gate, staff will greet your child at the school doors, KS1 and EYFS parents can enter school grounds and take children to the door.  Please do not cross the KS2 playground.  If you have a child in EYFS/KS1 and KS2 please leave the premises and walk round
      • EYFS – Point E (Through the church car park)
      • Year 1 and 2 – Point A (KS1 entrance)
      • Year  3 and 5  - Point C (Gate at the top of the KS2 playground at the corner of Moss Bank)
      • Year 4 and 6 – Point D (Middle gate of KS2 playground)
    • Staggered exit time
      • EYFS 3.10
      • KS1 3.15
      • Years 3 and  5 3.20
      • Years 4 and 6 .3.30

If you have children in various year groups please pick all children up at the latest time, the younger children will be supervised by the teacher and teaching assistant.

  • We will minimise contact between individuals and maintain social distancing wherever possible. Children will have staggered play and lunch times to reduce the number of other ‘bubbles’ using the grounds at one time. ‘Bubbles’ will be kept separate at play time.
  • Hand washing will be really important. Children will be reminded to wash or sanitise their hands at very regular periods throughout the day. We will ensure good respiratory hygiene by promoting the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach and ensuring tissues and lidded bins are in every room.
  • Anyone unwell with COVID symptoms is not to come to school. We will be able to advise you what to do over the phone.
  • Anyone who develops any COVID symptoms whilst at school will be sent home as soon as possible. You are required then to complete a COVID test and are only permitted to return if the test is negative. If it is positive you must self-isolate, in line with government guidelines. Families will be informed, by letter, of any children or staff with symptoms within their bubbles. The letter will explain all of the next steps.
  • Classrooms will be altered to support these protective measures. For younger children, there will be less equipment out to play with and this will be cleaned each day. For older children, desks will be rearranged and children will learn facing the front rather than facing each other.
  • We have introduced enhanced cleaning; including cleaning frequently touched surfaces and will continue with regular cleaning of high use areas, such as toilets, classrooms throughout the day and outdoor play areas at the end of each day.
  • It is still recommended that pupils limit the amount of equipment they bring into school each day, to essentials. They should only bring their school book bag (which each child has been issued with before lockdown) a lunch box, labelled water bottle and a coat.
  • Our school kitchen will still be operating, but with social distancing rules on a reduced staffing, meaning school lunches will be a sandwich option only. This will be reviewed as the term goes on.
  • We will not be planning any Educational Visits out of school for the autumn term.
  • Because of our ‘bubble’ system, we will be unable to offer a breakfast club. This will be reviewed as term goes on.
  • There are limited places at the after-school club, please contact the office for details.  
  • Uniform is expected as normal. Please make sure it is all labelled.


Teachers have spent a lot of time planning for the return! We are all really looking forward to having the children back in school. As we welcome the children back into our classrooms in September we have thought about how to approach the curriculum content we need to teach over the coming terms. There won’t be time to teach the entirety of the ‘missed’ curriculum, otherwise no-one will never catch up; instead we will find ways to identify the key skills and knowledge, to ensure the children are where they should be over the next year. Our priority will be about promoting good mental health and wellbeing.


In addition to planning on our return, we also must include a ‘Contingency Plan for Local Outbreaks’.

If our local area sees a spike in infection rates that is resulting in localised community spread, our Local Authority will decide which measures to implement to help contain the spread. In the event of a local outbreak, the Public Health protection team may advise our school or a number of schools to close temporarily to help control transmission. All schools will need a contingency plan for this eventuality. This may involve a return to remaining open only for vulnerable children and the children of critical workers, and providing remote education for all other pupils. At St Anne’s this will be a return to accessing the online learning through SEESAW.


If your family circumstances have changed during the lockdown period including any bereavement, that school are unaware of, please do not hesitate to contact school as soon as possible, so that we can support our families accordingly.


Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday,



Best regards,


    R Jacques                                                               


Mrs Rachel Jacques,

Interim Head Teacher