Reading Breakfasts - come along to our reading breakfasts and read with your child- yet again lots of yummy food!


Reception Parent and child workshops- having fun!




Families Connect (2018/19) enjoying their final day together - always good to celebrate with food!





2014 updated National curriculum can be accessed by clicking on the link at the bottom of each page (useful links) or  accessing

Is Your child entitled to Free School Meals? Why not check with the school office? Take a look at some of the healthy meals prepared by our cook Mrs Brown and her staff.

 Pupils love the healthy grab bags and they can be eaten outside during the warmer weather. Keep an eye out for the nw summer menu.


Leading Parent Partnership Award Report - Feb 2017

LPPA Assessment  

Parent Workshops 


Safeguarding Leaflets and information for Parents- please read these leaflets on how to keep your child safe online.

ThinkUKnow parent fact sheet 

Keeping Children Safe Online 

CEOP grooming fact sheet 

Parent and Carers CEOP checklist 

Child sexual exploitation 





Families and School Together Project

Congratulations to everyone involved in the FAST project. Week 1 was a fantastic success with 30 Year 1 families taking part. This week's family meal was cooked by school staff but the winners of the 3 hub hampers will be cooking next week. Congratulations to the winners of the hampers, we hope you enjoy sharing the goodies!




Parent and Children Art and Craft Session - Thursday 10th December.

What a wonderful turn out- thank you for coming and sharing in this lovely aftrenoon with your child. Next week's session is on Thursday 17th December.






Parent Friendly Leaflets

We have taken some of our school policies and prepared parent friendly versions to make the policies easier to understand. Please read them and let us know what you think.

Behaviour Leaflet

Key Stage One Maths Leaflet

Helping Your Child With Phonics

Helping Your Child With Reading

Ten Ten Theatre Company spent a fabulous  and interactive day working with our children on Wednesday 15th April. Through age appropriate performances, reflections and pupil involvement;  Charlotte and Rowan have encouraged our children to explore Values-based sessions, rooted in the dignity of the person, with the prime aim of supporting parents, as the first educators of our children.

The aim of the day was to provide resources for the children, which support the great work parents do, in forming their child’s development;  helping them to live happy and healthy lives and relationships and indeed deepening their relationship with God.


Thank you, to all the Parents who attended the Parent Workshop this morning; your support is invaluable, and as always, very much appreciated.



What are the reading expectations for the end of each Year Group? Read on to find out!


Drugs Curriculum Overview

Parent Invite :