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Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham.

On Saturday 7th May, 13 children mostly from years 5 and 6 along with four parents were part of the parish contingent going on the annual Diocesan Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham.

The usual Pilgrimage pattern was followed as our coach made good time and following a half hour break at a wonderful farm shop restaurant we continued our journey whilst saying the Rosary together and singing Marian hymns.

On arriving at Walsingham, Fr. Glover took the children and their parents on a tour of the village seeing where the ruins of the Abbey and original Shrine and Holy Well had been, prior to them being destroyed at the Reformation under Henry VIII.

We then visited the Church of England Shrine Church which Fr. Glover explained had been built by the local Vicar who was of the Tractarianism or High Church movement in the 1920/30’s. It is a very ornate building with lots of side chapels and a replica of the original Holy House in Nazareth on which the original shrine had been modelled. We then looked around the grounds before spending some time playing roly-poly down the grassy slopes or making daisy chains.

We then met with all the other pilgrims in Friday Market where the Bishop came to speak with us and Olivia gave him some of her barrier cream for his face.

Once the image of Our Lady of Walsingham had been crowned and blessed, Kojo and Roan, taking turns to carry the processional cross led the pilgrims of our diocese along the former railway whilst we said the Rosary.

It was 24 degrees centigrade and the sun beat down upon us as we walked along the pilgrim way. On either side of us were fields for as far as you could see filled with wild flowers or rapeseed destined for oil presses and other than for our prayers and the song of birds all was silent.

On arriving at the Catholic Shrine we walked through the Door of Mercy into the Slipper Chapel and on into the Catholic Shrines’ grounds.

It was then the second part of a pilgrimage. We had our lunch together sitting outside in the sun and socialised. By mid afternoon it was time for the next stage of the pilgrim journey and we attended a service of reconciliation in the Shrine Chapel where we made our confessions to Fr. Glover or one of the other priests. The final stage of the pilgrimage is to attend Mass together after which some of us took the opportunity of having a photograph with the Bishop.

We found time to look in the shrine shop and buy gifts. Finally it was back on the coach for the journey home. We stopped at a different restaurant on the way home so we could have something to eat.

The laughter and talking on the coach going and returning showed how much everyone enjoyed the day and we made good time getting back to St. Anne’s twenty minutes earlier than anticipated.

Although we had left the sun in Norfolk and came home to rain!!


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Today, Friday 18th March, Father Glover held a special afternoon tea party in school to thank the children who came to the Wednesday evening Station Mass. There were lots of chocolatey faces at the end! Thank you Father Glover.



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Last Sunday we welcomed the following new members to our Altar servers team; Junres, Ulysses and Nicholas. All attend Mass regularly each week along with their families. All completed the Sacramental Programme during this academic year.

It is heartening to know that we have young enthusiastic servers who will also be supported by their families in developing their relationship with Jesus.

From September the servers at School Masses will be Hadier, Ulysses, Nicholas and C.J. all who will be in year four.

Parish Notices;

Last Sunday we welcomed three new members of our Altar Server team; David from Year 5, Kelsey from Year 4 and Hadier from Year 3. A further three boys have indicated that they also would like to be servers and hopefully they will be joining the parish altar team this coming Sunday.

Fr. Glover hopes that the boys who will be joining the serving team from Year 3 will also serve at the school Masses.


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Holy Communion

"At 1.00pm on Saturday 13th June being the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary over forty of our children received Holy Communion for the first time. The Church was filled to capacity with family, friends, prayer partners, catechists and teachers all there to support them. Some of the candidates read the first reading and led us in the responsorial psalm, whilst others offered the bidding prayers and brought the gifts to the altar. The school children's choir also swelled the singing making the sung mass a really enjoyable occasion. As ever, our children were reverential and prayerful. Following the Mass photographs were taken with Fr. Glover and then families went off to continue their celebrations at home, or elsewhere. On Sunday everyone returned to attend the 10.30am Mass, some of the children chose to dress as they did on Saturday whilst others chose to return to the ordinary clothes. Once again the children offered the bidding prayers and brought the gifts to the altar. At the end of Mass each child was called by name and presented with their certificates and a gift from Fr. Glover."

Fr D. Glover.






Thursday 9th October 2014 - Bishop Terence Brain came to Bless Our New Nursery Building.

Today, the Bishop of Salford came to visit us and bless our new nursery building. First, we had assembly in the hall, the school chaplains helped with the readings and Father Glover read the Gospel.  

Year 6 children welcomed our visitors and thanked them for coming and sharing in our special assembly. Then, Mrs Orrell and Father Glover gave the Bishop, Father Stephen and our visitors a tour of the school before the Bishop met with the nursery staff and children. Mrs Ball explained how the nursery was arranged into different areas and Mrs Orrell asked the very shy nursery children whether they all liked their new building. They did! Finally, Bishop Brain blessed the nursery before going back to the school library for some lunch. During the visit Mrs Orrell asked Bishop Brain whether he thought the children were respectful. To her delight he said that yes they were very respectful and this has earned us all an extra treat!


Bishop Brain told us that he is retiring soon, we made him a lovely card and feel very special that he visited us before he retires.