Pupil Leaders

Pupil Leaders 2019.

School Librarians with Mrs Haggett.

Eco Warriors preparing to plant fruit and veg,

School Chaplains and Caritas Ambassadors with Miss Irene and Mrs Regan.

Mrs Orrell and the school choir.




Earlier in the year our school council, sports leaders and librarians met with the governors to submit funding bids for new library books and to develop the playgound. Take a look at some of the photographs of our children enjoying the results of this additional funding.


Mr Foster ensuring the traversing wall is used safely at lunchtimes. Remember appropriate footwear must be worn!


We love reading and our new library books ensure that we have access to quality reading material. Thank you to Mrs Haggett and the librarians for keeping our library tidy!


Meet Some of our Pupil Leaders

As part of our work on Briitish Values and Democracy our pupil leader are either elected by their peers or apply for the posts and are interviewed by staff.

School Council with Mrs Wheeler and Mrs Orrell

Chaplaincy Team with Mrs Regan and Miss Irene.

Science Ambassadors with Mrs Clegg and Miss Thomason.

Sports Leaders with Mr Foster

IT Ambassadors with Mrs Heslop


We Are the Eco-Warriors

We set up our Eco warriors to help improve our school environment and also to help the children have a wider understanding of the importance of protecting our world. We are aiming to receive our Bronze award this year.

To gain the Bronze Award we have to address the following nine elements:  

  • Energy
  • Litter
  • School grounds
  • Waste minimisation
  • Global perspectives
  • Biodiversity
  • Water
  • Healthy living
  • Transport

 We have an Eco Warrior team which comprises of one representative elected from each class in Years 1 – 6. The team meets every half term to discuss current issues around the 9 elements and how they may be addressed in school.

We discovered that in St Anne's we already had been doing a lot!

  • Recycling paper and cardboard
  • Recycling toner and printer cartridges
  • Ordering recycled supplies where possible
  • Toilet sinks have self stopping taps
  • Children are encouraged to walk to school 
  • Healthy break and lunchtime foods are provided
  • Setting up a gardening club

Since our first meeting we have drawn up an action plan and conducted a full Environment Review. The council aims to meet regularly and discuss current matters and new initiatives.

 To find out more about the Bronze Award, go to: -



Critas Ambassadors with Father Glover and Miss Irene.



Playground Developments- Dec 2016

Thank you to our playground leaders who successfully bid for funding to develop the school playground. School governors were very impressed with the priorities they have chosen for this year. have a look at some of the photographs of the new playground markings being laid; I am sure we will have hours of fun playing the games!




Read our Pupil Leader Reviews which we presented to Governors.



Christ’s Witnesses at St. Anne’s

Witness [work] – We look at our School mission statement and work together as a witness community.


Here at St Anne’s we nurture, support and challenge all of our children to live out and to give witness to God and to our Mission Statement in their everyday experiences of school life and by developing their sense of responsibility to play their part in caring activities for good causes in the wider community; Cornerstones, Syrian shoe-box  appeal, Choir visiting the elderly, Caritas fundraising.

By creating lots of creative, relevant and innovate opportunities for Pupil Leadership  throughout our school, we promote a culture of confidence in witnessing to Christian beliefs and values; Preparing our children to be agents of change and of social transformation at the service of the common good.

Alongside our Pupil leader roles, we actively involve our pupils in the regular reflection of our school’s Mission Statement; through acts of Collective Worship, which take key words as the theme for their reflections.

“God is spirit, and his worshippers must worship in the Spirit and in truth…”

John 4:24

Pupil Leader Evaluation 2015-16. Read our evaluations to see what we've been working on this year and what some of our priorities for 2016-17 will be.

School Council present their ideas for developing the outdoor space-27/11/15.

On Friday the school council presented their ideas for developing the playground space. Each group met with Mrs Orrell, Miss Whitehead (healthy School's lead) and Ms Doherty (on behalf of the PTA) and presented their ideas and costings. The ideas each team presented were very different but all were excellent. Over the next 2 weeks they will have the opportunity to present their ideas to the whole school before the children have an opprtunity to vote for their favourite plan. The winning team will have their ideas translated into reality when the quipment is purchased and installed next term.


Today, Friday 27th November our school librarians gave a talk in assembly about looking after books. They aksed us all to treat the library books with respect and to use the library in a sensible way. Thank you librarians; you are doing a fantasic job!

School Chaplains are; Ellie, Joe, Ciara, Maria, Liam, Henry, Taylor and Molly.


RE Ambassadors are: Celiece, Djhone(Y6), Parris, Wiktor (y5), Bailey, Elianna (Y4) Isobel, Osasere (Y3), Steven, Valerija (Y2H) Malachai, Valerie (Y2S) Thomas, Lily (Yr1 W) Victoria, Natan (yr1L)


Some of our pupil leaders are voted for by their peers and others apply for positions. 

School Chaplains- Taylor, Molly, Liam, Joe,Ellie, maria, Ciara and Henry.

Sports Leaders-Taylor, Aaliyah, Liam, Maria, Kiara, Dylan, John Paul, Niamh, Michael.

RE Ambassadors-Valerija, Valerie, Malachi, Steve, Celiece, Djhone, Parris, Wictor, Eljanna, Bailey, Osasere, Isobel, Nata, Victoria.

Librarians- Sophia, Charly, Harshitha, Elliyah, Celiece and Eryn.

School Council-Kelsey B, Liam, Joe, Ciara, maria, Michael, Henry, Niamh, Guershom, Kasper, Pzemach, John Paul, Elliyah, Lewie, Joyanna, Ciara

Peer Mentors-

Science Ambassadors- 


At St. Anne's we now have Computing Ambassadors.

Their new role will include:

  • Learning how to use new programmes and apps so they can support our teachers in class and help classmates. 

  • Suggesting improvements to the ICT around the school. 

  • Encouraging e-safety in school to make other ‘cyber wise’.

  • Supporting Mrs McIver deliver coding clubs for parent. 


Hi, I am a computing ambassador. I am 10. I like to make power points. I wanted to become a computing ambassador because I wanted to learn about coding.


Hi, I’m a computing ambassador.  I am 9 +a quarter and I love computing! My school is St. Anne’s. I also like helping others like friends, family and teachers!  

                 By Keanu 


Hi, my name Olivia, I am a computing ambassador. I love playing with my friends, art and cooking. I am in year 5 and love school!!!!

Hi, my name is Hajrah & I am 10 Years old. I like cooking and using computers a lot. I think I should be a computing ambassador because I’ll be good at coding & I enjoy helping others.

Hi I’m a computing ambassador. I am nearly 10 and I love computing.i am in St. Anne’s and it is the best school I have ever been to!!!! I also like helping my teachers, parents and friends 


Hi my name is Emma and I am your computing ambassador. I am 10, I like playing with my friends in year 5.     

I love school!!!!!!!!


Monday 8th June 2015

Today, our pupil leaders met with parents and staff to review the school behaviour policy; including rewards and sanctions. We all worked together to incorporate Gospel Values into the policy and came up with some really good ideas. Pupils generally liked the behaviour policy currently in use, but suggested a few additions to make it even better. They also had some really good ideas as to which Gospel Values our policy should celebrate and their suggestion of having a value for each month was a super idea; even suggesting which value should relate to which month. Once the new policy is in place it will be shared with everyone; both in school and on the website.

Mrs Orrell working with a group on Gospel Values.


Here are some comments left by parents on the session:

'This session was a brilliant way to bring in policies children will agree with'

'This session was very informative,'         'It was good to see the children plan their own behaviour rules and hopefully carry them through.'





Meet our Phase 3 Science Ambassadors.


Amy, Filip, Hajrah, Damian, Harshithas and Atshaam.


Phase 3 Class Ambassadors

Jordel, Zainab, Taylor, Guershom, Marielle and Emma.


Meet our Assembly Monitors. Freja, Amy Niamh, Celiece, Christopher and Liam.