What should I do if I think my child has a Special Educational Need or Disability?

If you are worried that your child may have a Special Educational need, the first person to talk to is your child’s class teacher. At St Anne’s RC primary school we pride ourselves on listening to our parents and really getting to know our children.  The class teacher will listen to your concerns and will refer to SENDCo if they feel it is necessary.  The class teacher will monitor the child for a 6 week period and liaise with SENDCo in terms of identifying need.  If there are still concerns regarding the child, the Plan, Do, Review process will begin which is stated in the SEND policy available here.

What is the school ethos/approach to SEN and Disability? 

Our main ethos around SEND is that all teachers are the teachers of all children. We believe in “quality first teaching”, ensuring that all children have high quality, differentiated teaching to support them, whether they do or do not have SEND.  Such high quality teaching allows us to identify SEND early and ensure that children receive the support they need to make progress.  At St Anne’s RC Primary School we believe that it is the responsibility of all members of staff to ensure that the children in the class progress.  We believe that all children have a right to access everything that the school has to offer and to be able to reach their full potential. It is down to all of us as a team to ensure that we do everything we can to make sure this is the case for all of our SEND children.

At St Anne’s RC Primary School we meet regularly to review the quality of teaching for our children and to put into place intervention strategies for any children at risk of under achieving.  This means that, where appropriate, we may need to review strategies and improve teacher’s understanding of specific needs.  

This is usually done via staff meetings or through specialist advice.  The class teacher is responsible for implementing any strategies that will support children within their class that will support them in achieving their targets.

 How will I know how my child is doing in school?  

There are many opportunities for parents to get involved in school life and stay informed on how your children are doing. Twice a year we hold parent conference meetings. A short report is provided and a chance to meet one to one with your child’s class teacher. At the end of the year, a longer report will be provided to let you know how your children have been getting on throughout the year. 

If your child has some form of SEND you will also be invited to Pupil Passport review meetings three times a year (generally coinciding with parent conference meetings) where you will have a further chance to discuss your child’s needs and progress. In addition to this there are many chances throughout the year where parents are invited into the school. This might be after a school or class play or performance, special art or science days or ‘stay and play’ sessions in the Early Years.  

If your child requires a multi-agency meeting, this will be arranged with appropriate paperwork and all agencies will be invited to attend.  Parents are always informed of any decisions made at meetings if they are not present themselves.  Finally, all class teachers and the SENDCo will make themselves available upon request to discuss any issues or worries you might have. If you would like to speak to the SENDCo you can arrange this through your child’s class teacher or by asking for an appointment at the school office. It is really important to us that any concerns or worries are addressed promptly so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well-being?

At St Anne’s RC Primary School we pride ourselves on looking after the whole child. We have dedicated staff in school focused on caring for children’s well-being. This includes:

Key workers - to make contact and support vulnerable children

A school social worker (Helen from Caritas) – who takes time to speak to children one-to-one or on a small group basis to discuss any issues the children may have or unwanted feelings

Self-confidence and Self-esteem groups – to develop self-confidence and self-esteem for those who need it.

 How will I be involved in discussions about, planning for, and involvement in, my child’s education?

As mentioned previously, there are several opportunities planned throughout the year at parent conference meetings and Pupil Passport review meetings for parents to take part in detailed discussions about your child’s education and how you feel we can best support your child.

We also ensure that parents/carers are involved at every stage of the SEND process and speak to them regularly about the needs, concerns and aspirations that their children have.  We contact parents regularly to update them on the SEND process and any progress that has been made to support your child.  Parents of children with SEND are invited to multi-agency meetings where necessary and their opinion, as well as that of the child, is of the utmost importance.

Furthermore, we hold events throughout the year where parents can come in and discuss how core subjects like English and Mathematics are taught. This is your chance to learn how best to help your child at home and give your thoughts and opinions on the methods used. At St Anne’s RC Primary School we always value parents’ opinions so will be happy at any point to discuss your child’s learning with you.

How do St Anne’s RC Primary School Primary School involve children and young people in their education and in the decision making process?

School council meet termly to discuss issues that the children feel are important for the whole school.

Peer marking and Kagan groupings are used so that children of different abilities work together in a supportive way.

Peer Mediators -  They have received two days training from CRESST.  These children are on the playground every lunch to promote friendship and support their peers and look at how everyone can make sure they get along together.

Please see school website for further information on how we involve our children in their education and making decisions.


Who, outside of school, can I turn to for advice and support?

At school we are always happy to help and listen but sometimes you may want impartial advice from outside of school. This might be about services available in the Local authority, transition to secondary school or other issues that may come up.

Information, advice and support service network (IASS) is a national organisation that has local knowledge about services available in this area as well as national laws and guidance.

You can contact the local branch on 0161 209 8356 – Helpline 0161 245 7300 – Office.

Where can I find information about Local Authority provision for children and young people with SEND?

Manchester Council has published a Local Offer. This details all the services available within the area to support a family or child with SEND. This includes health, social and care information as well as education and is a great place to go for information.

To access the local offer follow this link:

How should complaints regarding SEND provision be made and how will they be dealt with?

If there are any issues arising around your child’s education please feel free to contact school via your child’s class teacher or the SENDCO so that we can try to deal with the issue quickly.  If your concerns remain after speaking to the SENDCO, you are more than welcome to speak to the Head Teacher Miss Wordsworth or Deputy Headteacher Mrs Regan, in order to discuss your concerns further. 

Should it be necessary for actions to be taken further, we ask that you follow the school’s complaints procedure which is outlined in the schools prospectus and is also available on our website.

The SEND Code of Practice outlines additional measures the LA must set up for preventing and resolving disagreements. These will be explained to parents if required and are available through the Local Offer set out by the Local Authority.

How do I get a copy of the school SEN policy?

A copy of the school SEN policy is on the school’s website Alternatively, a copy of the SEN policy will be made available, on request, from the school office.

Who do I contact for further information?

For further information or support please feel free to contact the SENCo. This is Mrs Emma Delves (SENDCo)

She can be contacted via your child’s class teacher or the office on 0161 740 5995.


Manchester LA SEND Offer can be accessed by visiting

The SEND team can be contacted on 0161 245 7439

Parent partnership 0161 245 7309



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