At St. Anne’s R.C. Primary School, we follow the Letters and Sounds phonics programme. It is a detailed and systematic approach for teaching phonic skills. There are six phases, Phase 1 starting in Nursery up to Phase 6 in Year 2. In Year 2 this is supplemented by No Nonsense Spelling to ensure full coverage of the Year 2 spelling curriculum. Children are assessed at the end of each half term and are regrouped accordingly, to ensure that each child is working at the appropriate level. Pupils who are identified as falling behind in phonics receive timely intervention to stay on track. In school, we use Phonics Play resources to support teaching as part of the phonics session.

Children in Reception and Year 1 are taught to read using fully decodable books at the level at which the child is working. We use Collins Big Cat books for guided and independent home reading. Once children have achieved Phase 5b in phonics (alternative pronunciation of phonemes), they move onto non-decodable books to develop the full range of reading strategies.

Once children are competent decoders, we use a wide range of reading resources to teach reading, including Collins Big Cat, Oxford Reading Tree, Traditional Tales, Floppy’s Phonics, Rigby Star, Starquest, Fireflies, Infotrail and Snapdragons.

We also use Accelerated Reader, once pupils have achieved white band. This involves pupils choosing their own reading book from the library at an appropriate level and taking a comprehension quiz after reading.

In English, we use a range of resources to support our teaching and learning. These include; quality picture books and novels, a range of non-fiction texts and poetry, Literacy Shed and quality film clips. For Spelling and Grammar, we use the No Nonsense Spelling and Grammar teaching resources, supplemented by Rising Stars.

In KS2 we use the Word Works Scheme of Work for teaching Tier 2 vocabulary. Vocabulary in EYFS and KS1 is linked to class texts and shared reading.

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