We have a large number of support staff working at St Anne's to ensure all our pupils can access the curriculum and receive learning support when needed.


Nursery- Miss Parr, Mrs Lewis

Reception - Mrs Hough, Miss Marshall, Mrs Bowman

SEN support - Miss Freeman, Miss Sultana


Key Stage One

Year 1- Miss Garstang, Mrs Garside

Year 2- Mrs Glynn, Miss Maloney, Mrs Singleton Davies


Key Stage Two

Year 3 - Mrs Boyle, Mrs Hodson

Year 4- Mrs Butterfield, Mrs Blakeborough, 

Year 5- Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Steenson

Year 6- Mrs Elcock.

Additional TAs - Miss Irene, Mrs Grimes.

SEN TAs- Mrs Orrell, Mr Winstanley, Miss Parr, Mrs Li, Mrs O Toole, Ms Doherty.

Sports TA - Mr Foster

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