At St Anne's we are committed to all aspects of children's development. 


Some of the strategies we use to support children's health and well-being are...

  • The Daily Mile: All classes from Y1-Y6 walk or jog a mile each day, getting lots of Vitamin D and regular daily exercise
  • All after school sports are free - they change every term and the children get to vote via the Sport's Council
  • Music - every child learns an instrument in Key Stage 2 
  • Relax Kids: A well-being club that children can access through our Caritas Social Worker
  • Gimme 5: Every classroom has a poster up where children can leave their name if they need a 5 minute chat with their teacher. This can be about anything from sharing good news or a problem
  • Worry Boxes: Every classroom has a ‘Worry Box’ where children leave any written worries that can be followed up 1:1 by the class teacher and teaching assistant.
  • Peer Mediators and Friendship Council: Miss Horner runs the Peer Mediators and Friendship council. These children are on the playground every lunch to promote friendship and support their peers and look at how everyone can make sure they get along together. They have received two days training from CRESST.
  • Nature Led interventions and support: Gardening Club, Forest School and outdoor learning
  • Daily Go Noodle videos
  • Art Led interventions and lessons: Art Club, Artist Residence Workshops, Sewing and Knitting Clubs


We are currently in the process of writing a PSHE scheme fit for the needs of our children. Within this we have included lessons devoted to health and mental well-being.

We believe in teaching the science and then embedding habits around mental well-being in a fun and positive way. Rather than focusing on the ‘issues’ or challenges overtly we take a preventative approach by giving children the understanding and tools to cope when times get hard. Research shows that preventative approaches are both more accessible for children and are more likely to lead to lasting change.

You can find out more about the PSHE curriculum within the curriculum pages.


External Services 

  • Samaritans - Crisis Emotional Support

  • Sanctuary - Mental Health Crisis Support

  • Moodswings - Emotional Support

  • M-Thrive - Manchester THRIVE is a single point of entry, a front door approach to Manchester’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health offer

  • Winston's Wish - Childhood bereavement charity

  • Hub of hope - National mental health database

  • Child in Mind - Child in Mind exists to promote and facilitate the social, emotional, and mental health of children and families throughout the North West of England

  • Gaddum - A charity offering advocacy, carer support and therapy services to Manchester.

  • Child Bereavement UK - Child Bereavement UK helps families to rebuild their lives when a child grieves or when a child dies.

  • 42nd Street - Support and advice for young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

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