Welcome to Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 2 staff 

  Year 6 staff. 

  LKS2 Teaching Assistants     Year 4L


Key Stage 2 leaders - Mrs Clegg ( year 5 and 6) Mrs Regan (Year 3 & 4)

Year 6 teachers - Miss Macdonald and Miss Thomason

Year 5 teachers- Miss Horner and Miss Wilson

Year 4 teachers - Miss Hussey, Miss Law 

Year 3 teachers- Mrs Grime, Miss Wood, Mrs Mitchell and  Mr Evans.

Key Stage 2 teaching support - Mrs Elcock, Miss Irene, Mr Foster (mornings) , Mrs Hodson, Mrs Seers, Mrs Kennedy, Mrs Boyle, Miss Mottershead, Mrs Boniface, Mrs Butterfield, Mrs Blackborough


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