Key Responsibilities:

  • To be a role model for other students, including punctuality, attendance and behaviour
  • To wear the school uniform correctly and with pride
  • To behave in an exemplary manner
  • To demonstrate good work habits in all aspects of school life
  • To be competent in self management and have good personal organisation skills
  • To be punctual and well prepared for their responsibilities
  • To be aware of the needs of fellow students and be aware of school expectations with behaviour
  • To be aware of situations which may affect student welfare
  • To take the initiative when staff are not present
  • To be a good role model for others in the school by manner, dress, overall appearance and attitude to others
  • To promote the correct values and standards of behaviours
  • To help meet the needs of others by giving care and assistance to the pupils in the school
  • To assist with the dining room routines and some break routines
  • To assist with the monitoring of the behaviour of children around school and within assemblies

Prefects will be issued with notebooks for notes on incidents /observations / pupil problems etc and report to Mrs Clegg.

 If the chosen prefects do not follow expectations and responsibilities then they are at risk of losing their role.

Area of Responsibility



  • Set up in hall
  • Positions on corridor, managing noise
  • Holding doors
  • Sat with classes in assembly



Aaliyah O




Dinner Hall

  • Supporting children line up
  • Supporting with general behaviour and noise
  • Keeping the hall tidy
  • Cleaning and packing away

All chn on a rota.


  • Keeping library room tidy
  • Keeping shelves and books in order
  • Supporting with general behaviour and noise





Break and Lunch

  • Support children make the right decision
  • Encourage safe lining up
  • Monitor toilets
  • Help out in classes during wet play



Aaliyah A

Gracie M




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