Safeguarding Policies and Information

Staff Safeguarding Training - a full record of all safeguarding training is available from the school 2017/18

Safeguarding level 1 training all staff 31st August 2018

DSL training 2017/18 - Mrs Radcliffe, Mrs Orrell, Mrs Haggett and Mrs Regan

Fire Marshall Training - Oct/Nov 2018

Fire Awareness Training all staff 21st October 2918

Paediatric refresher training 3rd and 4th September 2018

Epilepsy and asthma training 10th October 2018

Safer Recruitment - Headteacher, deputy, assistant head, office manager and governor (various dates) - Policy agreed by governors 23/5/17


Please read the policy documents below:

  • Lockdown Policy -new
  • Safer Recruitment  Policy
  • Accessibility Policy and plan 2016-18
  • Parent E safety Guide.
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.
  • Prevent Policy
  • Parent Friendly Guide to Prevent
  • Parent Friendly Guide-Child Abuse Signs and Actions.
  • First Aid policy.
  • Medicine Policy.
  • Drugs Policy.
  • E Safety Policy.
  • Acceptable use Policy and agreements- staff and visitors, parents ( this includes a sectiob on digital and video images).
  • Health andSafety Policy.
  • Single Equality Policy.


safeguarding policies

Behaviour Policy - Sept 2018
Updated: 15/03/2019 695 KB
Health and Safety Policy 2018
Updated: 19/11/2018 277 KB
Single equality plan
Updated: 21/11/2017 211 KB
Drugs and Alcohol Policy
Updated: 21/11/2017 343 KB
Anti Bullying Policy
Updated: 21/07/2016 144 KB
E Safety Policy
Updated: 09/03/2017 258 KB
Parent Acceptable Use Policy
Updated: 09/03/2017 381 KB
E Safety parent Guidance
Updated: 19/09/2016 233 KB
Prevent Policy
Updated: 14/05/2017 281 KB
Safer Recruitment Policy
Updated: 25/05/2017 236 KB
Lockdown Policy
Updated: 25/05/2017 585 KB
First Aid Policy
Updated: 25/05/2017 334 KB
Positive Handling Policy
Updated: 25/05/2017 471 KB
Accessibility Policy
Updated: 18/09/2017 349 KB

Parent friendly Guide to Prevent.

Parent Friendly Leaflet- What is Child Abuse?



This drugs Policy will be reviewed 7/2017.

E Safety policy- this policy was reviewed, amended and agreed by governors on 2.3.17 

Acceptable Use Agreements 2017-18 (approved by governors 2.3.17)

Parents including permission for digital/video images

Governor and visitor agreements


Single Equality Plan reviewed July 2016 

Positive Handling Policy agreed 23.5.17