October is the MONTH of the Holy Rosary


What is the Holy Rosary?

The Rosary is a form of prayer used especially in the Catholic Church.

• It is a long prayer, based on repetition, with many parts to be remembered and said.

• It is named after the string of prayer beads, which some people use to count the parts of the prayer.

• The Rosary is very important to Catholics for many reasons, including their devotion to Mary.

• The Rosary can be said alone or in groups.


What is the purpose of the Holy Rosary?

The most important reason for praying the Rosary is to grow closer to our Saviour Jesus Christ. We can grow closer to Jesus every time we pray. The Rosary is especially powerful in strengthening our relationship with the Lord and fostering our devotion to His Sacred Heart.

• Another purpose of the Rosary is to help people remember the events in the life of Jesus and to praise God for Him.

• The Rosary is a little bit like a history lesson!

• The main focus is on Jesus - his birth, life, death,

and resurrection.


What are Rosary beads?

• The Rosary beads provide a method of keeping track of the different parts of the Rosary Prayer.

• The fingers are moved along the beads as the prayers are said.

• By not having to keep track of the count mentally,

the mind is free to meditate.

• The Roman Catholic Rosary is made up of a cross or

crucifix, a medal, large beads, and small beads.

• Each Rosary has five groups of ten beads. The prayers of the

Rosary can also be said using any type of counting device

or by counting on the fingers.


RE Focus this week

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